The idea of it


The story wrote itself at an unpleasant speed
There were sparkles in our eyes and fire was set to our hearts
It was pure and it was ragefull
It was a manifest of youth, trust and faith
It wasn't about falling in love with you
But falling for the idea of it

There's fear and there's gratitude
It was such a quick process that it got us both afraid of it's bigness
It was intimate and it was childish
It was love and it was blindness

We play hide and seek and we know we can't keep the rhythm
We know we can't kidnap those moments for they're too special to be repeatable
You don't know about tomorrow and I have a life after those dreams
I'm not gonna surrender sorrow
It might be easier than it seems

I'm probably gonna be lost in your sleep
And be another dusty book in the library
So I'm gonna remember carefully the meaning of freedom
Love was always a cage and we both know our wings are too big to avoid the flight

Every second of the season was blessed by you existence
And the sadistic way you showed me sharing is caring, so goodbye is the price to pay
Maybe we won't see each other again
Maybe it's too dangerous to wish you'd stay
Maybe it's just my mind playing tricks on me and you're longing to believe it the way I do

Holding hands in the middle of the crowd remembered me about feelings I thought I couldn't give birth to anymore
Assuming it to the world when we didn't to ourselves made me teenage dream in a quite pitiful way
Your song is gonna echo in my brain
"Can't go home without you", you say
But the world's your family and I'm just a crazy dude with a story to tell

It wasn't about falling in love with you
But falling for the idea of it


  1. You have all time you want with me. Be hope tomorow it´s another day. Kiss
    I love this letter. Kiss from the heart

    Cristina Vieira
    p/ Zé B.