Summertime fairytale


I never expected to find you in such an odd and fascinating place
I was about to leave and then I looked in your face
We started to talk and it was such a beautiful disgrace

We held our hands beneath the sunrise
Kissed each other so softly I couldn't disguise
I found some truth after all those lies

Like kids enjoying their first contact with acceptance
We made ridiculous the concept of distance
And I'm truly glad we had the chance

We walked shamefully through the morning
Smiling randomly with our bare hands touching
There was no moment I wasn't glowing

It's quite embarrassing to fall for someone that barely knows we exist
Though it was so real a heart like mine couldn't resist
You played the guitar and you became a priority on my list

Could I ever find a place to grow in that freedom of yours?
Could I ever show you the way you unlocked certain doors?
Is it just a summertime fairytale to appease all my wars?

I never expected to find myself in such a warm and fulfilling night
I was about to leave and then I noticed your light
We started to talk and everything felt so right

By Darko


  1. Hello Buda. There is the most beautifull letter about love. You are my sunrise. My door it’s steel open. I dream for coming of the day you gone enter in my life with more presence, I alredy feel your presence in everyting that I do, everything I do is for you. You are the only one in my heart.

    One big kiss yours Cristina