When does one recognize insanity?
When does your temple start to collapse and your inner structures start to fall?
Choose Life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family.
I know. Life is so disappointing. Here I am. I’ve arrived. This is my moment. I shall do whatever I want because I have found the one, my true and only love.
I feel pain. I have everything. What do I have?
I have nothing.
You don´t need to feel sorry for me.
Because I´m beautiful? Because I have everything I´ve always wanted and it does me fuckin’ nothing?
Oh it’s so hard, so terrible.
They’ve always treated me so bad.
I had everything I wanted and I fuckin’ blew it.
I’m looking at my picture and thinking I’m supposed to look like that. And I’m going fucking crazy because I don’t. Because it is a lie. Nobody looks like this. Not even me. 
Mama, I know I´m the broken mirror reflection of your dreams. I always was.
My husband is starting to realize how fucked up I really am.
My true colors are finally revealing themselves, and they are not pink. They are black as death and your pretty doll is not made of iron and my hair is not made of gold as it once appeared to be.
She is made of plastic, and so, her beauty easily melts, revealing her rotten inner self, diseased and barely human. 
So many times closer to divine, but for now, empty.
Ariel Bohmen
Photos by Darko
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